An R package built to import, process, analyze, and visualize free association data. See GitHubopen in new window and the package websiteopen in new window for details and instructions, as well as Aeschbach, Mata, and Wulff (2024)open in new window for a preprint of a tutorial using the associatoR package.

German Small World of Words

Working on extending the German version of the Small World of Wordsopen in new window project collecting free associations to thousands of German words. Participate in just 5 minutes, there are also versions in other languages.

SDG Hackathon

Co-Organized the SDG Hackathon - Visualizing Swiss Sustainability Research in November 2021 and built the website the websiteopen in new window for it. It was a lot of fun to set everyting up and very gratifying to see the many visualizations being uploaded in the last minutes before the deadline.


Running a prediction modelopen in new window on the NUMERAI data science tournament. Thinking I will revise the model soon for a couple of years now.

Shrink GPT

Used OpenAI's GPTs to make Shrink GPTopen in new window, a GPT aimed at fostering self-reflection and emotional understanding. Happy reflecting.